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Holiday Time !

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ! It's the time of year that many organizations begin campaigns to assist the less fortunate.

Come on down to the Breedable Fair and visit the Meeroo area. We have a wonderful surprise there for many of you that have been asking :) Hope to see you there !!

You all asked for it, and we aim to please. Come on down to the ROO sim in your scariest costume and enjoy The Spooky Halloween Party.

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Wow, when was the last time you saw all these spook-tacular items at once? There are new themed paint sets, matching homes, creepy crawly spiders that follow you around, ghosts galore and many more to see. Come down to the ROO sim for your frightfully outrageous decorating items. So much to choose from.

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Dear Community Members,

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Oops, my bad, batteries and honey dippers are 50% off !!! Hope to see you all at the party at 12 noon SLT Saturday, May 17th !

Happy Birthday To Roo .. Happy Birthday To Roo ..

Happy Birthday, Dear Rooooooooooooooooos .. Happy birthday To Roo!

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St. RooRick's Ceilidh

Break out the pints, get on your green, search out those clovers .. It's time to Party!!
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Calling all you Freakish Fashionistas out there! Do you love your RooU avatar? Even more, do you love dressing them up and are a creative member of our community?! Think you could put your mind behind some knock-out ideas for RooU costumes for Halloween?

The Fifth Edition of “The Breedable Connection” is out, and the Nocturnal Meeroos not only made the cover .. Look at that handsome boy striking his pose all vogue! … but we also have a 7 page spread inside!


It's a day for Brazilian Pride, the 7th of September, as we celebrate their Independence Day!! To commemorate the Holiday, we've made this adorable green and yellow Meeroo, hugging over the star-speckled blue globe, all in the style of the Brazilian Flag!

Let this patriotic Meeroo be part of your Fiesta de 7 de Setembro, and display it year around to show your Pride!


Presente @ Roo - SETE DE SETEMBRO!


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