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Beware of Fraudulent Content

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Dear Friends,

Sorry to have to make this post, but unfortunately a few individuals have used tools with second life to clone a Meeroo. Many of you have now witnessed or know someone who owns one of these fake Meeroos, which show on examination to be created by "Wibrak55 Oh" " partyrammler Resident" or "Senseo2008 Galaxy"

These non-functioning Meeroos are placed in a sleeping position and created with yellow hovertext above them so the buyer believes they are in Market Mode. It is important to note that these Meeroos will also not report its stats to your HUD upon click.

We have had many reports of players purchasing these Meeroos believing they are authentic, sleeping Meeroos. We understand how frustrating this is and want to minimize your risk in the Secondary buying market. Please use caution if making purchases lately and know we are doing everything on our end to try to stop this.

Thank you,