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A moment of appreciation

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Hello everyone I hope this week’s been a good one for everyone so far and before I go on I would like to wish everyone an early happy valentine’s day.
I’ve gotten a bit done since my last blog and am still turning out visual assets for the Meeroos. I cannot go into detail about most of my doings, however I hope you’ll all like them when they’re complete.

I just want to take a minute to say a word about my colleagues working on the Meeroos. I’ve felt so privileged during this project to work among such wonderful people. Levio is a code magician and hasn’t ceased to amaze me with his work; he absolutely excels in his profession. Catherine is the brainchild of Meeroos and the incredible conductor of this entire project.

I have come to think of the three of us as the brain, the hands, and the heart (brownie points to whoever gets that reference). The project is far better off for their participation and I just wanted to thank them for their tireless work and effort into the project, I’m lucky to be working alongside them both.