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If you haven’t had a chance to get to this years 2014 RFL Summertime Breedables Fair its not to late, just follow the yellow brick road to any of the Second Life SLurls below. Today is also the GRIDWIDE OOAK AUCTION FOR RFL so don’t miss out.

Click to enlargeIt's probably no secret that we here at Meeroos are big animal fans. You kind of have to be to work with these amazing little creatures day in and day out and still be passionate about sharing them with the rest of the world! Everything from our personal RL pets ( Parrots to Horses to Kittens and more), to the majestic animals of the world.

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There was some really close entries, but we did receive one - Winning Entry by: Liuba Mammoth. Congratulations Liuba!!!

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As we begin 2013, we want to thank you for your continued support and participation that makes the Meeroos community the hands-down BEST breedable community in all of Second Life.

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Happy Holidays

To Our Community.

You don’t hear from me often, as I am like this little elf working in the corner at Santa’s secret Shop.
But this year all of you have impressed me with your kindness to your fellow members, with your out pour of support to Meeroos and with your willingness to help each other. So I would like to thank everyone for keeping our Meeroo Community Fun and for making Secondlife a vibrant and desirable place to enjoy.


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