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Our Refund and Exchange Policy

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Hi all,

Our Refund and Exchange policy has been revised and updated to include current and future content. Much of it is exactly the same with a couple of critical changes, that being the limitation of exchanges we can make during a purchase session. I'll explain a little about this.

We had instance in the past of players purchased over 100 big bowls of food, yet never receiving a single one to their inventory. While we don't usually ask why a player would continue to spend such an extraordinary amount of money when no inventory offers are being made by Second Life, we found a great deal of time was spent having to administrate these purchases and trace the transactions and then coordinate a redelivery. Other similar instances could be when a player might make 50 purchases and decline 25 of them. We all make mistakes! But we have to move into the realm of reasonable accountability. Please read the updated Exchange policy carefully and make note of these changes.

It's important to note that we will always replace content lost due to technical circumstances (Linden Labs, Second Lifes or Our own) beyond player control. That won't ever change.



Malevay Studios operates in the virtual world of Second Life and specializes in virtual, non-tangible goods sold directly to customers via officially owned or rented locations within the virtual environment or from the official Second Life Marketplace domain or as indicated on the official website found here:

Only goods purchased directly from Malevay studios via these avenues to which we are an immediate party in the transaction are within our realm of consideration.


Virtual content that is not obtained directly from our official storefronts are not considered our jurisdiction, this includes Live Meeroos or nests owned and sold by an third party or independent consignment shop. It is highly suggested that any customer doing business on the secondary market beyond our store borders do their due diligence as Malevay studios cannot participate in consumer or conflict resolution between players over sales or transfer of money or other goods deemed to have fiscal value with the platform of Second Life or externally.

Malevay Studios is not responsible for the experiences had outside our officially operated store locations, nor are we responsible for the content you do or do not receive from other players while engaging in third party sales and other trade related activities. We also cannot offer compensation on behalf of players who might fail to honor agreements, trades, sales or in instances of theft. We encourage you to use caution.

Malevay Studios cannot offer refunds or exchanges for content that cannot be passed directly from the player, leave their possession permanently, and subsequently be acquired by an official staff member of Malevay Studios. Since we cannot, due to permissions and technical limitations, reclaim many of the items we sell, we cannot provide you refunds for purchases.


As mentioned above, we cannot exchange content that we are unable to obtain from a player in return, or for a fair exchange. In the instance of player error, such as purchasing the WRONG TYPES of food or TOO MANY units of food, we suggest you use caution and patience when visiting stores or locations where transactions may experience delays do to Second Life or Marketplace performance.

**The Official Marketplace Storefront now attempts redelivery of content for fixed period of time. If content at the end of that time is not delivered, you will automatically be refunded your purchase price by The Marketplace itself. This means that when purchasing content from the Marketplace you MUST WAIT A MINIMUM OF TWENTY FOUR (24) HOURS before placing a ticket or before we can properly investigate.

To view Linden Labs time estimates on delivery, review this link.

Please be aware if sufficient time has not passed we will wait until it has before responding.

We cannot exchange one type of food for another since we cannot reclaim the original purchase. We also cannot provide refunds for multiple or accidental purchases since we cannot reclaim that content from the player in exchange.


In the event that content is lost due to events beyond player control such as asset server errors or other performance issues, we will, as we always have, replace this content after an investigation. Always provide us transaction history, found via the official Second Life website, for the content that has been lost. This will help us verify the purchase; consider this your receipt.


It is imperative that the user STOP making transactions immediately when they notice that content is not arriving to their inventory in a timely fashion or as expected.

We understand that losses occur, but we CAN ONLY REPLACE UP TO FOUR ITEMS per purchase session. We cannot be responsible for content we do not reflect a transaction for, or for losses that could have been prevented by the player. We limit our liability to our area, and cannot be responsible for user neglect or player error resulting in loss (And accidental decline upon delivery ect.) or breakage (Opening and extracting content to your inventory.)

***With Bonanza Boxes, we can only replace ONE per purchase session.
***Please make sure you are receiving content TO YOUR INVENTORY before continuing to purchase content, be self responsible for your purchases to prevent loss.


This link is all you need:

Your ticket MUST be submitted no less than 48 hours after the incident you are reporting, especially requests for replacements of lost items. Transaction records must be shared in tact, with the time/date of original purchase if requesting a replacement.

This is the Malevay Studios support system, and the only way that we can provide fair and equal support all users.

Do not contact CSR's or any Malevay Studios staff in-world for support. We cannot respond to players we are not directly assisting at that time.

We cannot respond to or guarantee the receipt of notecards, friendship requests, object offers, teleports or instant messages, do not try to contact us via any of these avenues. Instead, utilize the ticket system put in place to provide you prompt service in the order your ticket was received.

Thank you for your interest in Wonderful World of Meeroos and enjoy your adventures!