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Linden Lab has blocked Meeroos Resident

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***UPDATE EDIT 5*** 2:17pm We have now been in communication with Linden Lab who has mobilized to to help us recover. As you may already know, food is now available on the Marketplace at out storefront here:

Do not be alarmed that you only see the Feast food on the marketplace, we are putting the smaller dishes up there also and in the meantime you can purchase smaller portions directly from our in world location. All are available to you now. Yes, we are still enduring attacks, and you may be crashed upon arrival, the region may be crashed and you will likely run into fraudulent food anywhere the offenders can place it, including secondary markets and they will try to infiltrate our store again, despite our watchful diligence. We have a CSR at the store around the clock to moderate. Please know that we are also working on tickets and replacing fraudulent food dishes with authentic food that was unwittingly purchased by our community members. Please be patient with our customer support as they are working overtime to minimize the impact of these attacks on our customers. I will continue to update you as things transpire.

***UPDATE EDIT 4*** 10:37am We discovered we have been unblocked from Second Life after testing the account about an hour ago. Although we still have not heard from Linden Lab regarding anything yet, we are so pleased with the unblock. Levio has taken the day off from real life work and is working diligently! We should be back online very, very soon! We know the grid is being flooded with unauthorized food from these attackers, as now they are placing them at various meeroos marketplaces run by players. As soon as we hear anything back from Linden Lab will update you.

***UPDATE EDIT 3*** 4:00am We know many of you are still waiting for food. Please be assured the Levio will be here this morning to assist with a resolution. We apologize for the wait and be assured that our CSR's will recall any Meeroos that run away during this time. We will make sure no player endures a loss. Twas is still closed as a result of the attack there, despite there being no store there any longer, the offendors literally built their own in the sky selling fraudulent food on copybotted home stumps. Never buy food from anyone other than Meeroos Resident. It could contain malicious scripts and we cannot be responsible for the consequences. Please make your friends aware.

***UPDATE EDIT 2*** 11:00pm Fraudulent food has appeared on twas from more griefers. It is NOT authentic food and could contain dangerous scripts. Please beware. Toxic has quickly removed it. Do not purchase ANY food not in a vendor owned by Meeroos Resident.

***UPDATED EDIT 10:22pm Levio has the content, just to clarify, Meeroos resident was not the only account with the assets, just the vendors. Levio will be online to help us fix this today.

Given the onslaught of ongoing attacks that continue today by 1 day old avatars - today named Meerro0s Resident and other not-so-clever variations of our official Meeroos Resident account - we decided to move our products to the Marketplace where our customers could have their buying confidence restored when making a purchase. We came to this decision after placing multiple support tickets over the last 48 hours that remain unaddressed.

However, when we went to get on our Asset account, who possesses all of our vendors, we were redirected to a page that said we have been blocked. Although we called the number the page suggested, we were told to... submit a ticket.

We believe the account was blocked by Linden Lab by mistake, given all the reported accounts were variations of the same name, or the account was mistakenly reported by residents meaning to abuse report the offending avatars. We simply cannot be sure. Unfortunately, this has dealt us a crippling blow at the worst time possible.

For tonight, the stores are closed. We have not heard any word from Linden Lab on the status of any of our tickets and don't expect to until tomorrow, at the earliest.

Meeroos Resident is responsible for all deliveries, redeliveries for lost content and has possession of all of our vendors and content. If you have in a ticket for a missing item, please be aware, we do not know when access to this account will be restored. We deeply apologize. This is certainly an unexpected and enormous burden on us, as well as you.

We know your your Meeroos are important to you, and unfortunately you have been provided a grave disservice. The providing of our service relies on Linden Lab providing us Service, and they have currently withdrawn that and have not been supportive in the form of a resolve. This upsets us as much as it does you, please know.

I will keep you updated as this situation transpires. Thank you, and once again, I'm tremendously sorry for this.