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Beta Comments/Bugs/Questions

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Season and breeding

Here is an explainantion of the breeding cycles. there is 5 days in the breeding cycle 3 of which are rise, peak, fall. Those three days are when the meeroos will breed. They do not need to match but at least be with in one (.. ie rise to a peak or peak to a fall). What i have determined is that the meroos are on a 30 hour breeding cycle over the 5 days. Their growing to the full fertility does not count in the 5 days.

based on the following chart cycle is as follows:

misc ------ rise peak fall -----

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We want you to have fun on our forums, we also want you to be able to find information, share information and generally find the forums a useful resource as well as a productive place to be.

We need to have a few house rules that you adhere to. By posting on our forums you agree to:

- Behave in a manner with which you would hope to be treated online, in any Virtual environment and even in real life. If you wouldn't say something to someone's face - you can't say it here!

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Has your Meeroo spontaneously gone for a wander?

Did you get it back?

Still waiting to get your Meeroo back?

Give us some insight onto how the wander occurred so we can troubleshoot the issue behind the scenes! Thanks guys!

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If you have issues hearing your meeroos be sure to check the about land settings and make sure you don't have have restrict to parcel checked, this may help.

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bernhard001 posted following points and problems

- He did not like that with birthing his first Meeroo he got "threatened by the EULA to accept or would not be allowed to play with the Meeroos" - It has been mentioned that all games and breedables have an EULA to agree too (Suggestion that comes to my mind: maybe to include the Notecard to be retrieved would be less agressive than the popup)

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Something just hitting a wrong chord with you? Find something you feel needs looked at or improved? Tell us what you don't like about your Meeroos experience!

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Tell us what you like about your Meeroos experiences! Share with us some of your favorite things!

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Meeroos Sleeping!

The meeroos go to sleep when the Sim time is night and wake up when the sim time is day. If your sim is set to always night this will effect there sleeping habits.

This Is NOT effected by the Client Day/Night override.
It is effected through the Sim settings itself. If a Sim Owner sets the sim to ALWAYS NIGHT through the Sim Admin options then the meeroo will always sleep.

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Please post your SL name when you report issues so that we may assist you better, Thanks.

Also please remember it may take some time for us to get to your ticket.

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There is currently a known issue with the hud sticking.

If you attach the hud to any hud location other than its default location of upper left corner be sure to set the hud where you want it then click the <------> button, it should move slightly to the left, if so then you know its now in its closed/hidden state. Edit the hud and move it off to the left so you can only see the tabs. when you click the <----> button again it should pop to the right back to where you placed the hud wile it was in open state.

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