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Lots of stuff in the works over here at our studios. I talked about much of it at the Sacred Tome awhile back, but I felt it best to get it all down in writing here on the blog, since I know not everyone got a chance to listen to that talk. (More)

Your existing Roos: You've probably noticed new coats have been coming out. Another huge wave of coats are in the pipeline, including that Bengal Roo that was shown as a teaser. Our artists have been working overtime because they are making approx the same number of new Diurnal coats to come out over the next few months as there will be Nocturnals when those launch! There is NO reason to cut back on your existing Roos while you wait for the Chapter 2 expansion, and if you do, you may find yourself left behind. These new Diurnal species/coats will all come out of your existing Roos without the purchase of any new starters.

A script update: This is nearing completion of code/scripting changes, but we will have to go through a (hopefully) short beta with these changes with our CSRs to make sure there aren't any gotchas before this is pushed out across the grid. If you haven't figured out by now, the Meeroo genetics are in no way tied to the scripts or script updates. New species/coats/traits are continually added over time through backend changes on our servers, and script updates are not required.

Chapter 2 content: Some of this will be released as it's ready to go. As in, you will see it before the Nocturnals go live. The story will progress with each piece as it unfolds, rather than waiting to release it all at one time. The Nocturnals are all new species/coats/etc and as such, will only come from new starters available from purchase from Orlex. Some may even require different types of food.

HUD Update: There will be a new HUD that kicks off the start of Chapter 2 content. Expect the unexpected as Vashara and Orlex square off, drawing a line in the sand. The ground at the Roo sim may not be the only thing trembling after this!

"Hybrids" What happens if you mate an original Roo with a Nocturnal? Well, yes they will mate with each other, and if you have a Roo with one parent of each, that Roo will be considered a Hybrid! What's different or special about a Hybrid. Well... you should know by now I'm not going to reveal this ahead of time!! :-D But to reward players who raise both types and breed across them, you can bet it will be something special!!

When is all this you ask? When it's ready!!! Each thing has so many moving parts being built by different people, it's proven far too difficult to predict when it's ready to go live.