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New Nests Coming!

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As part of the pending update, there have been many changes to the nest. One of the biggest changes is that the CSRs will finally be able to restore uncoaxed nests.

Another big change you can see in the picture above, is that we've colored the flowers pink and blue, which you can probably guess indicates whether the Roo is female or male at a glance. This should really help market shoppers looking for that special partner!

As with the Dryads, the release option has been removed, as far too many players weren't paying attention and accidentally released their nests when they meant to coax them. You must coax and then release the live Roo.

Unfortunately, the extra coding did require the addition of a second script to the nests, which I've also shown in the screen cap above.

Anyways, just wanted to make everyone aware of these upcoming changes, so when you see these new nests begin to appear on the grid, everyone knows they are legit!

The CSRs will start using the new system to replace lost nests after we finish testing them. Your Roos will not begin dropping them until after the update.

If you do get a nest replaced and sent to you by a CSR, it is imperative you rezz it immediately as the process is not complete until after you do this.