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To Muffins of Doom Group Members!

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Many of you have sent me notecards, sent IM's and had questions regarding the status of the group and the developers of Muffins of Doom related content.

As you know, the Muffins of Doom owners have contributed to the Meeroos experience since the beginning with wonderful utilities to help inform and educate players. We appreciate all that they have done for the players, and I've found their information boards helpful on many occasions! Recently, I was informed of the Dayroo Tree and Cayroo Butterfly via a comic book that was delivered to me; It was a new product they had developed. I visited and even bought one of my own! I quite adored the sub-experience they had created, and found it really creative!

I contacted the developers of it a few weeks ago, and asked to meet the following Monday. Unfortunately, I was very busy at the time Monday came and went as we were heavily in production on the Halloween content.

Today, I logged in to the firestorm that ensued - of declarations that we were "Trying to shut them down" that we were "immoral" and repressing third party content creators.

I'll be honest, I have no idea where this came from. I do not know what instigated it. I don't know the motivation behind it, but none of what was suggested has ever happened. I did open a dialog with the owner of the group and apologized for the delay in getting back to her, and in a lengthy response, she informed me she was quitting, she was giving away her meeroos and was no longer supporting us and was informing her community. And that's okay! This is her decision to make and one I respect.

But a lot of you have been led to inaccurate conclusions. The truth is, we've not had any communication with the owners since the evening two weeks ago we asked for a meet with them the following Monday- a meeting that was intended to thank them. Nothing happened in the interim.

So many of you have stepped out to ask what occurred, and I have no answers for you. We do not know. We're sad at the sudden and unexpected turn of events with the group owners and the lack of information they have provided leaving many of you upset with us thinking we'd done something awful to invoke the response.

We are not in any dispute with them. We have not asked that they remove ANY of their content. We've long been fans of theirs. We're not telling you that you're not allowed to use it! It's become time consuming to answer each one of you individually. We have no answers. The owner has said that our failure to communicate in a timely fashion after asking to meet with them had left them to draw their own conclusions, which is completely understandable! But what happened in the aftermath with the accusations and inferences of "Shutting anyone down" engaging in immoral activity, refusing to support the third party content creators and their refusal to tell their own community members what invoked their wrath left them, themselves, to draw their own conclusions; The wrong ones - none of that ever happened and the chaos that ensued was unprovoked. We would like to assure you that no one has done anything wrong - including us. We have not committed any trespasses against these creators and are grateful for all their selfless contributions in the past.