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Dupe Vendor Attacks Ongoing - Be Safe and Aware

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Hi guys! I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience many of you experienced tonight with Roos down once again. Unfortunately, it was discovered that invisible vendors had once again been rezzed over our own in an effort to intercept payment - and at the same time, over 300 prims were rezzed each containing over 300 scripts each. This crashed the region multiple times.

On September 9th, after the first aggressive series of attacks where an exploit in Second Life was used to by a resident to create objects on no-build land and run scripts despite being in the administrative group, I was informed that the case had been escalated, and the exploit fixed. Linden Lab had been very proactive and communicative with us in order to ensure this activity stopped once and for all.

We all believed it had - until this evening.

So I want to help you guys avoid being victimized by fraudulent activity.

Always make sure, when purchasing Meeroo food, homes, or starter packs that the vendor you are purchasing from is owned by "Meeroos Resident." They may try to use variations of the name to trick you, as demonstrated in the past with names like Meroos, Meeros, Meer00s, Meero0s, or even standing around the location with the *Display Name* Meeroos Resident.

The profile will indicate the proper name of the name of the individual, despite whatever display name they are using - so if the name field on a profile says "Meeroos Resident" it will be followed in parenthesis by an authentic username, like so - "(Imagriefer.Resident)" Make sure you note the name field if you use a profile to authenticate, because our actual Asset Manager has had her entire profile duplicated as well, but you can't spoof an authentic username.

Also, if you have any suspicions or are concerned about fraudulent activity, please feel free to use the marketplace using the link above which will take you to our Marketplace storefront directly from our official site. This will save you from having to search or possibly stumbling upon a fraudulent content listing.

We're sorry that you have had to endure the region attacks, which sent some of you right to your desktops or locked up your systems while on our region. Please be assured that we are not taking this lightly and are more aggressively seeking resolution on behalf of our customers and our business.

Finally, anytime you encounter something you believe to be fraudulent, you can notify me in world via the avatar name Catherine Farspire, or any available CSR. It is critical that you also submit a report via your Second Life interface directly to Linden Lab themselves. This tool will also automatically include a snapshot as well as the owner of the objects name if you are in edit mode on the object. The category you would report this under is "Fraud."

Thanks for all of your reports, and for your patience while we work through this.

Catherine Farspire