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Our Timeline- Many Questions, Answered!

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I'd like to provide you a little bit of information on what to expect in our upcoming phase of Open Beta! This timeline should help answer some of the questions we've received and clear up any confusion about Pre-Launch orders and Open Beta testing.

On 4-15-2011 we'll be closing the group, and it will no longer be open enrollment. Anyone intending to participate in Open Beta should be in the group before 6pm SLT, as no access will be granted again until the end of the Open Beta phase. Open Beta is not so much to test our functionality (We did that in closed beta, although it helps!) but instead to test our scalability and server performance.

On 4-16-2011 We test our delivery system starting with the first Open Beta Asset, The HUD. The reason we're sending the HUD first to to make sure this delivery system works as intended. We'd rather start with the HUD and unearth any issues than send everyone Meeroos and risk something going wrong with Delivery. This will also allow you ample time to explore the HUD, start fellowships and prepare for your experience with the Meeroos.

On 4-18-2011 (tentatively) If all goes well with the HUD delivery and server performance during HUD usage, information relay and condition testing, we'll send out the Meeroo Beta Testing packages via the same Delivery Method to all the people in the group. During this time our CSRs will be available to assist with issues, but we urge you to use the forums, specifically if you have suggestions or comments.

UNKNOWN when Open Beta will end. We cannot provide a specific date, because we would don't know what results Open Beta will fetch or what technological challenges it will present that may require further testing. Although we don't anticipate issues, you know what they say about best laid plans! Open Beta allows us the opportunity to provide any fixes to issues that manifest. If all goes well, Open Beta will be short and sweet, and if we are confidant in performance, we'll announce the end of Open Beta when all Meeroos will be set free to the Wild. We will also close Pre-Orders.

PRE-ORDER HEAD START - Very shortly after the end of Open Beta, we'll announce our Release Date and Pre-Order Launch date. All Pre-Order customers will get their Final Wonderful World Of Meeroos Family Pack and Gifts 3 days before we officially launch.

OFFICIAL LAUNCH - You can then get Meeroos, extra stumps and anything else you'd like from one of 2 Official Stores.