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Dev Blog - Preorders Online Again

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Server transfer is complete! Whew! Preorders are back online. Gory details after the break...

So after load testing the application server I wasn't comfortable with the performance numbers I was getting. It was time to bite the bullet and move to a bigger server!! Better now before Open Beta starts, so it runs smooth next week.

Unfortunately our hosting provider didn't tell me once I initiated the transfer process I would be locked out of the old box. So I thought I'd be able to move the preorder system over to a backup server while they started the transfer process. But as you probably gathered by it being down all last night, this was not the case.. /sigh

The preorder vendors had fail safes built into them so they would no longer accept orders when the backend servers weren't availble. These fail safes automatically tripped as designed, so I can assure everyone no orders were lost in the process.

Anyways, we are back up and running on spiffy new hardware which should have no problems with handling all the cute little Meeroos that will be invading the grid next week!

Can't wait to start Open Beta with everyone this weekend. I appreciate your patience through the process, sometimes things just don't move as quickly as any of us would like!