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Meeroos Invades Bunny Jam!

Catherine's picture

And we're taking over!

In Linden Lab's latest event, they've invited residents to create and submit their own colorful Bunny Jams to display on the Bunny Jam Island - AND you can win 5,000 Lindens!

We're taking it a bit further...

We want you to get your free Egg Sculpty here:

Them make your most awesome Meeroo Themed Easter Egg, and send it in! Full details on sending in your eggs are here:

We know you're super creative, and you LOVE Meeroos! So use that brilliant artistic prowess to make your Meeroo Themed Egg, and we'll visit Bunny jam ourselves looking for the THREE BEST Meeroos Themed Eggs...

And for those creators, we ourselves will have a VERY Special prize!

HAVE FUN! See you at Bunny Jam!