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Happy Monday! Expanded Packaging Prices! Open beta!

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Lots of news to share with you today! First off, let us extend out thanks to you for your patience while we have been working to improve and polish the game. I know it's been a loooong road, but we're nearing the end now, and I believe it has been well worth the time it's taken to get here. We appreciate all of your support and kind words.

First off, lets discuss Open Beta. We're testing a new delivery avenue for the final phase of testing. This means that every person who intends to test must be in the group by Friday - Friday is the official cutoff date for open beta. People who join after Friday will have to wait until launch for Meeroos.

On Saturday, we'll be delivering the FIRST PART of your Open Beta experience - This is your HUD. Say Hello to the Oracle. Get a feel for the tabs. Begin your Fellowships and get prepared! Your HUD Will be delivered to you automatically. No need to go anywhere, click on anything or register anything - just BE IN THE GROUP BY FRIDAY!

Following that deliver, if all goes well, we'll be moving into Open Beta, save thee any unseen errors or disruptions, by Monday.

If you're in the group, you don't have to do anything. Just stay put and wait for your delivery. It will come to you even if you are offline.


The Tome of knowledge is associated with each one of your web accounts here on the site. Everything you do is recorded in your own journal, much like our famed Anthropologist, as you piece together the History and Lore of The Meeroos, and make trait discoveries. Your book will be filled in automatically, and you'll be able to go back and see what all you've found in pictures and detailed text to learn more about your furry friends!


New packages have been introduced for launch. These are for player who want the full experience with fewer Meeroos. That pricelist is as follows:


Meeroo Family Pack

6 Nests
2 stumps
4 Weeks of food for 6 Meeroos
L$ 5199

Meeroo Medium Pack

4 Nests
1 Stump
1 week of food for 4 Meeroos
$L 2799


Meeroos Pair Pack

2 Nests
1 Stump
1 Week of food for 2 Meeroos
$L 1599

Me and My Meeroo Pack

1 Nest
1 Stump
1 Week of Food for 1 Meeroo
$L 999


Many have asked about the point of Regard! Well let me explain a little bit! Although Regard earning activities such as petting your Meeroos or speaking to the Oracle is not mandatory, Regard has a few critical functions.

Every time your Meeroo is pet, it has it's own Regard pool. The more Regard a Meeroo has the more it loves you! This "Reserve" Regard Pool remains with the Meeroo throughout it's life with you, and that pool grows every time someone shows it some attention. When that Meeroo is set Free to the Wild, as a thank you, it returns it's entire earned regard to you in one lump sum as a special thanks. This means even common Meeroos can possess great value to a player.

Your Regard helps you evolve in the World Of Meeroos, earning you achievements and titles bestowed by the Meeroos. At certain Ranks, the ability to unlock certain items from the store occurs. You'll be able to purchase Meeroos content that isn't available to anyone but those who have reached that rank! The catalog of things available will always be growing.

That said, we don't want people to think they HAVE to play a ranking and Regard game! To enjoy your Meeroo, all you REALLY need to do is love and feed it - that's the very baseline needs. The rest are optional pursuits and completely determined by your respective play styles. Whether you have one Meeroo or 100, the game is what you want it to be! If you're a completionist, you can try to find all of the collectables they dig up to complete the collection lines, or fill out your tome! If you're a Breeder and nothing more, you can focus on discovering new traits and species! If you love learning fun facts and earning a few Regard here and there, tackle the oracle. If you're a social butterfly and into group activities, join a fellowship to amplify your experience with friends! If you're all about storytelling and Lore, revel in the story we're about to weave before you in rich detail and enjoy the amazing things we still have in store.

Enjoy your Work Week dear ones!