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Lose a Meeroo while dropping it?

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Ok, here's the deal. There is a long standing bug in SL where items picked up and dropped in world are often lost. We are trying our best to get LL the information they need to finally address this issue once and for all.

First off, they don't even know if this is a client or server issue. So if you do lose a Meeroo, report it to us, but while you wait for our CSRs to respond, go here and reply to this JIRA:

IMPORTANT: You MUST include your client information and server information. Once enough reports are filed, everyone will be able to see patterns to help narrow down the root cause.

How do you get this information? Goto the Help menu of your viewer and then About... this should bring up a dialog you can copy all the info from here and paste into the JIRA.

Also it can't hurt to click the Vote & Watch buttons on the JIRA to let LL know you want to see this issue fixed once and for all!