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What Could It Mean?

Catherine's picture

A cup of Tea...

A whale.

A riddle was posed to our Wonderful World Of Meeroos group members tonight. What could it mean?

The answer is in the size. A teacup = Small, delicate, diminutive. A whale = Giant, robust and strong!

Thats right... we've just revealed yet another breedable trait with your Meeroos. Like all creatures, Meeroos also come in sizes Great and Small. You can, with notable efforts, breed tiny teacup Meeroos that never grow at all, or you can breed Gentle giants that literally dwarf the average Meeroo!

With as much attention and effort as you apply to your own breeding program, you can selectively choose just what sizes of Meeroos you breed in order to create the perfect teacup, or the largest of the large Meeroo. You'll be able to see, via your HUD, the specific size classification of your Meeroo selected. You can, if you choose, selectively breed your Meeroos to achieve your desired results, but it is just another way to diversify your choices when breeding.

The choice is yours! We can't wait to see what you discover!