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Well haven't had a dev blog post in awhile, but never fear, it's not because I haven't done anything, it's because I've been too busy!!! (more)

Mostly this last weekend was all about the genetics code. I built quite a little sophisticated DNA emulator if I do say so myself. Gene pairs, adjacent genes on multiple loci, mutations, dominant/recessive genes, combinatorial genes, flukes in gene expression, oh yes, it's all in there. I've heard anecdotally that other breedable animals keep their reproductive process a total secret, and they seem completely random more often than not. That's all hearsay I suppose, but I wanted you all to know that's not what we have planned for our fuzzy little friends. There's some really cool stuff you're all going to discover in your journey, and I'm not talking just about those elusive "legendary parts" Frolic tried so hard to get me to spill the beans on! Heh heh.

We also had an important team meeting where we tried to identify all the remaining items that we absolutely had to have to complete before the closed beta could begin. There were quite a few specialty items for interacting with your Meeroo that we decided we would have to postpone for the first update. So they will all be done eventually, but we know everyone is chomping at the bit to get their paws on their own Meeroo. Honestly though, everyone should be so busy with what all that there will be there at release (and there's tons IMHO) you won't miss them too much.

I got a good start on everyone's Magical Meeroo Tomes. On this website, you will all have a book where you can see pages describing all the species, coats, eyes, parts, etc. that you have discovered while playing with your Meeroos. This features loads of amazing artwork by our dear Chimmy and lots of cool background info from the archaeologist in the Legend. Plus, it will be a fun way to track your progress as you breed and collect more Meeroo!

I don't have the time to list out all the piles of bugs that were fixed since my last post, but rest assured there were plenty! XD