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New Week Ahead! More about Meeroos!

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What an exciting week this has been for The Meeroos and the team behind them! Most importantly, I hope you caught our dear scripter Levio on the Frolic Mills show on MBC this afternoon discussing Meeroos! I know some of you have commented on frustrations with his inability to say much at this time. I would love to, as the delightful Mr. Mill put it himself "Throw you a bone," and so would Levio! Let me just quickly address why there was a bit of ambiguity in the interview, and hopefully ease some of your concerns with that.

The reason we can't say too much regarding the Meeroo right now is not because we're harboring deep secrets of the universe or anything of the sort. I'd love for nothing more than to play James Bond and tell you that we're sworn to some alien secrecy! It's not that exciting, sadly. The truth is, we have to be ready to back up everything we say publicly. We expect that our community will hold us, and rightfully so, to every word we utter with regards to Meeroo! We don't want to run the risk of telling you one thing, and ultimately doing something else altogether different. We don't want to misguide you or misinform you - and we don't want to disappoint you. We're committed to delivering you certainties rather than pie-in-the-sky hopes. If a subject is still on the table, or it is a key element of gameplay that we want our players to discover rather than us spoil for them, we don't want to speak about it and impose ourselves upon the experience we know you are anxiously expecting to have. We don't want to say something we intend, only to have to backpeddle later on. Thus, we try to honor our commitment by delivering you your tangible results rather than hopeful words. This is why we haven't yet provided any dates. We're refraining from telling you what we'd "like" and instead trying to inform you of what for certain you can expect! Nothing is more frustrating than being given a date that never seems to arrive or is constantly changing.

Now, that said, I will tell you that we are advancing with leaps and bounds. The game is playable. Our alpha testers are enjoying their experience. We are tweaking and debugging, as well as implementing new elements so it feels, upon arrival, entirely complete. When you have a Meeroo, you will see the tremendous work that has gone into them!

Beta isn't far off. The largest part of your wait is over. Our Beta paticipants will experience the full World Of Meeroos, not an incomplete version. Our goal, as Levio stated, is to be feature ready for beta. This means you will not get Meeroos that are missing potions of critical gameplay elements. During beta, we don't want to have to worry about continuing developent, but focus on squashing bugs. We want to generate usable feedback and test our server rather than worry about getting a new feature in before a deadline. We have delegated our resources as such and have prioritized, quite responsibly, our stages of testing, and what information we hope to glean from them.

We're making much more than a breedable. I've said it before, so I'll say it again. We've created an entire world where breeding is part of the natural evolution of a creature. Genetics are certainly an aspect of gameplay, but so are so many other things. Breeding is one layer of an experience, not the sum of it's purpose. Lore plays a vital role, and the story of the Meeroos will reveal itself to you throughout your journey. Breeding is not the beginning. It is not the end.

The Wonderful World of Meeroos have many things in store for you. What will you discover?