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And.. We're off! Lots of info inside!

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Today was a hugely successful launch for us. Our servers performed flawlessly and we didn't experience a single service failure or disruption. Levio's tireless work slaving over the delivery system has paid off.

However, we'll be glad to put the delivery system behind us and go back to the old school method of user to user transactions rather than hoping the performance of Second Life doesn't let us down - that's one jurisdiction where we maintain no control and that can be frustrating. But, we can't bid it farewell just yet, as we'll be using that delivery method to distribute your beta gift!

On the topic of Beta the beta gift, we'll be revealing that this coming weekend right here on the blog! I'm sure it's something many of you will enjoy.

Moving onto another topic - food and home stumps - many of you have inquired about the purchase of extra food and home stumps, which are not available in the store yet. We will not be making these available until Public Launch on Saturday! All pre-orders have enough food to last them for 4 weeks so no Meeroo will starve, and they will not mate for awhile yet, so no Meeroo will be homeless.

Let me explain why we do not have Food and Home stumps available for purchase. One of our guarantees to all Pre-Order customer was a 3 day head start. If we had food and home stumps available in the store, anyone could give Meeroos away or begin selling them to users who were not Pre-Order Customers but would then be enjoying the same perk as our pre-order recipients. That's not fair to the thousands of people who trusted us to make good on our word of a three day head start if we made food and Home Stumps available to everyone on their launch day. If you've been given Meeroos or purchased Meeroos from a pre-order customer, but are not a pre-order recipient, I'm terribly sorry, but Stumps and Food are non-transferable and will not be available until Saturday. We reserve these three days to honor those who have lent us their trust and support and they are entitled to this exclusive opportunity. Please beware of this when making secondary market purchases before Saturday, and understand we cannot make an exception by providing these assets early for anyone but our Pre-Order customers.

Beginning tonight at 11:59pm and throughout the rest of the week and weekend, you will be able to have your first glimpse of some Meeroos never seen before by the public. These images will be displayed on the Log-In screen of Kirstens Viewer, which is a third party Linden Lab approved Viewer used to access Second Life. You can download it here:

These Meeroos were photographed in the wild by the famed Anthropologist and taken from his personal archives. There's also a secret photograph that many of you will not want to miss that looks into the future (Or the past) of Meeroos!

In closing, I'd like to add that our CSR's are working incredibly hard and long hours to provide you with the best quality service possible. Sometimes when we're feeling very discouraged or frustrated it can be difficult to maintain patience when we need some support, but we do our absolute best. Please remember, they are people with feelings and they *want* to be an asset to your experience. Do treat them with kindness and consideration the same you would wish to be treated. Their task is not an easy one, and they've sacrificed the ability to own Meeroos in order to provide support and care to people who do.

On Saturday Morning, both regions will be closing as we populate the stores with content and prepare for launch at 2pm PST (SLT.) We will send group announcements to all of our Official Groups:

Wonderful World of Meeroos
Wonderful World Of Meeroos - Silent
Meeroos Official Support Group

Remember you do NOT need to be in all three groups to enjoy every benefit the Meeroos have to offer - including access to support. You are entitled to support even if you don't belong to any of our official groups, but please keep in mind that only official information comes from our official groups, please consider anything originating from unofficial sources as rumor unless it is posted here or from an official source.

Thanks everyone, see you Saturday!