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Important News about Pre-Orders Launch and Public Launch! Please read

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We here at Malevay Studios have quite a few busy days ahead of us as we move toward our Launch dates. But, before we get there, I want to clarify a couple of things just so there is no confusion on the rules. I need this information to be as transparent as possible so there is no confusion or upset later on.

*** If you break your Chest after it is delivered by opening it incorrectly(i.e. extracting contents to your inventory via edit mode)or deleting it altogether, we will not be able to replace it or refund your money for it. This is not because we want to be difficult! This is because we want to stress the importance of using the product properly. During beta we had many, many issues where people broke their Chests, Nests, HUDs and Meeroos because they ripped their contents out of them and to their inventory. Most never bothered reading the instructional notecard, and after destroying the content, ended up in our inboxes, angrily waving pitchforks. This is why we have now gone the extra mile to inform you of the proper way to open your Chests, including making an instructional video you can find here:

However, if any product breaks as a result of OUR error or due to a Second Life technical error, we will always honor our replacement guarantee. However, please take note, because we deal in virtual goods that are non transferable and which we can not reclaim, we cannot offer refunds under any circumstances. If it was as simple as a customer giving us back an item and us handing them back their Lindens, it would be no problem, but because of the platform and permission restrictions, this isn't practical. I encourage you to always, please, shop wisely and click carefully. We cannot refund accidental multiple purchases. If you've purchased an item from the shop and it was not delivered in a reasonable time frame, wait before purchasing another. We do not want you to lose money under any circumstances. Our goal is to try to keep you as informed and aware of our policies as possible.

When Pre-Orders Launch, they will be delivered to you via the database. The roll-out will begin at 2pm - please understand that does not mean every single user will get them immediately when the clock strikes 2pm SLT. They will roll out incrementally. If someone has theirs before you get yours, do not despair, you have not been left out, ripped off, forgotten, nor do we dislike you. I promise you will get yours in a reasonable time frame. Just remember distribution is not immediate, there are tremendous amounts of Pre-orders to deliver and we guarantee you will get yours, whether you are online or not, on the day promised. It will not take so long as to put anyone at a disadvantage. So, do not contact a CSR in a panic if your Pre-Order has not arrived at 2:01pm SLT. Sit back, have a cup of coffee and utilize patience. It will come. If you are not online when a delivery attempt is made, it will try until you are online and you accept the deliver.

Please, do not decline your pre-orders.