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Cinco de Mayo Goodies!

Here's a little peek at some of the goodies we have out for you guys at roo for Cinco de Mayo!

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We've got a fiesta paint set, a potted cactus home, a regular cactus home & a sombrero home! Not to mention all of the cute statues! Come on down during tonight's 7pm fiesta and pick some up... or stop by early!

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Free Fruity Drinks!!!

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*Slurps down something cold and fruity with an umbrella*

With our video contest kicking off a few days ago in honor of our 2nd birthday, we hope you all find this new promotional video inspiring! For more info regarding the contest, please click this link.

The oh so adorable cops of Fantasy Faire have arrested our beloved Tiger!
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They have set his bail at $25,000L and refuse to let him go until we make bail! We've tried bribing them with donuts - but we need your help!
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Hurry out to Lumenaria @ Fantasy Faire and help us make bail by donating to the RFL kiosk next to Tiger's cell.
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At the end of his imprisonment Tiger plans on making a matching donation to however much we can raise for RFL!


In honor of our upcoming 2nd birthday we're holding a contest! We want to see all of your cute Meeroo videos! The possibilities are endless and we are leaving it up to you to pick how you want to theme your entries to surprise us!

The winners will receive:
* First Place: $50,000L.
* Second Place: $25,000L.
* Third Place: $15,000L.


1. Contest is open between Thursday April 25th to Thursday May 16th.

2. Entries will not be accepted after 12am SLT on the 16th.

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Upcoming Events

Salutations everyone! I am Mewroo. Some of you may have already met me in passing. But, if you haven't yet - Hello! I am the new official head of marketing for Meeroos. You will most likely find me setting up events and contests or wandering around the Roo sim assisting Moxie. If any of you have suggestions regarding contests or events you'd like to see happen, please toss me a NC or an IM! Don't forget to say hi if you see me around, I'm very excited to meet you all!
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I have been one very busy cat this past week and I already have an awesome event I'd love to invite you all to! Every year this event never ceases to amaze me. This year Meeroos will be a part of Fantasy Faire 2013! FF is several sims all packed with the most amazing fantasy creators in SL who come together to raise awareness and and show their support for RFL. For the first time ever we will offer the Meeroo starter packs on sale for a discount at the FF only! In addition to the starter packs we will have brand new awareness statues, new plants and a few other surprises in store for you. As always, ALL of our vendors at the event are set up to donate 100% of proceeds to RFL. we cannot wait to see all of the amazing Meeroo community out at the event showing your support! ( I also hear that a few of the Meeroo staff members can be found at this event handing out their coveted plushies! )
Event starts: Saturday, 4/20/2013
Event ends: Sunday, 4/28/2013

The last thing I would like to share with you all is another RFL event created by the many amazing people at Motley's Roos For Cures! They are hosting a Roomage Sale with all proceeds going to RFL. This is a great place to stop by and pick up some roos to fill your tome or bring home a few surprises.
Event starts: Friday, 4/19/2013
Event ends: Friday, 4/26/2013

Happy Roo'ing,
<3 Mewroo Resident


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