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The day has finally come! Whew!! More...

We have just released the Nocturnal Family Starter packs, they are the same sizes and prices as before. They can be found on both the Roo and Nocturnal sims. These family packs all have a "Special Edition" mushroom home found only in these packs.

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More Info

The Orlex side of everyone's HUD is now activated, even if you didn't preorder, you can check it out and play some trivia.

Vashara family packs are back out for sale at the Roo sim. They now have a special edition home in them only available from family packs. The Nocturnal family packs will of course be available Sept 4th and will also include a special edition home.

Florofruit is available for sale at the Roo sim in case you want to share your preorder nests with a friend!

If you preordered and log into SL now you should get your RooU gift!

Please note there are multiple versions of the AV included, only wear one at a time or you will see a lot of strange flickering.

Everything appears on schedule for the delivery of the preorders tomorrow morning!

Just a note, the delivery system will run for one month and be shut down on Oct 1st. If for whatever reason you never login during the entire month of September to get your automated deliveries, you will have to put in a ticket after that.

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Launch Schedule

Here's the plan with all the details I know our players love to have:

Tomorrow Friday Aug31st around 7AM SLT (depending on when I've had my coffee) I'll begin sending out the RooU Mesh AVs for anyone who preordered. You will receive one for each preorder you purchased. So if you ordered say four, you'll get four AVs.

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Level Rescaling

Well it's time to implement the new level rescaling today to prepare for launch. All this means is everyone's level is being adjusted to a new scale with a bit more ambitious goals this time around. Please note, this only affects your level and NOT your regard. All of the game mechanics like breeding, leaderboards, rankings, etc etc all worked off your regard so really it will have zero impact on your game play. The new level cap has been raised to level 40. Enjoy!


While we do still need to update Primbie for a bug with him hopping to 0, 0, 0 on your sim, if you rerezz your Primbies now, they should properly find your V3.0 homes and hop back up on them.


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Web site upgraded!

Whew, it took far longer than I hoped, but I think I've gotten the web site all patched up. I'm sure there are a few hiccups still awaiting for me to find and fix, but it's late and I'm going to bed, so please hang tight until tomorrow morning for me to have some coffee and get the remaining items sorted out!

FYI, The Orlex leaderboard and top streak rankings are just basically random for now until we're ready for launch!


So we think we have a solution that will make everyone happy, or at least as happy as can be.

We will keep the dates that were announced and there will still be the 3 day lockout when you can't purchase any starters. However, on launch day Sept 4th, along with all the normal family packs we will put the preorder packages back out in a vendor until Sept 10th, so you will still be able to get the limited edition homes and RooU mesh AV, you just won't have the 3 day head start.

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Well now that the surprise preorder gift is out of the bag, I'll give some more of the details. More...

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I am so very proud of our team and happy to announce the Nocturnals pre-orders are ready! I'll be honest, this was a long hard road, even harder than our original launch!

There has been a lot of pressure on us all to really deliver something amazing with no compromise in quality. I think we set the bar pretty high with our initial launch and now we know we have a lot of expectations to reach. On top of that, this could quite possibly be the most anticipated product launch in the entire history of Second Life! Whew!

So now onto answering all of your burning questions as best as I can. More...


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