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Closed and Open Betas

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Closed Beta : The first round of Beta testers was capped on Dec 23rd when we had 150 members in the group. This is far more than we anticipated, so sorry, we don't have room to squeeze anyone else in. If you are unsure if you joined before the cutoff, check your roles in the official Second Life Wonderful World of Meeroos group. If you have the Veteran role available, you are one of the lucky few!

Open Beta : Everyone currently in the official Wonderful World of Meeroos group in Second Life will be eligible for the open beta later this Spring.

Closed Alpha : This is just a handful of dedicated testers making sure there are no permissions exploits and that basic functionality is working as intended. We will remain in this phase until we are 100% feature complete.

Beta schedule: There is no date set in stone yet. We plan on not starting Closed Beta until the Meeroo are fully functional and feature complete. They will be ready when they are ready and meet our high standards of quality we have set for ourselves.

Our Beta cycles will be used only for finding and testing bugs, there will not be additional functionality rolled out during the beta. This only lengthens the time the product must remain in beta before a final launch.

People love to guess/estimate/speculate on beta dates, but please don't rely on any dates given anywhere but this official website.

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