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Meeroos Closed beta FAQ

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A very special Meeroos Closed Beta FAQ! Hopefully this will answer some of the most asked questions!

Q. When does closed Beta begin?
A: Friday March 18th.

Q. How do I become a closed beta participant?
A. Closed beta tags were applied to accounts that joined the group for the first week after it opened. The early adopter reward was originally intended to serve only a few people. However, the growth during that week was unanticipated and we had to rush in on Christmas day and close the Veteran intake so that we could fairly accommodate all of those participants who had joined. If you were in the group prior to December 25th 8am PST, then you were granted a Veteran tag, as were all members in the group at that point in time until the number of participants transitioned to the "Veteran" role was equal to the number of participants in the "Everyone" role. That's how we know we didn't miss anyone. We ceased intake immediately afterward.

Q. Can I pay, offer donation, offer land, ect. for a role in closed beta.
A. No. Under no circumstance will any of the Malevay Studios team solicit or accept exchanges of goods or money from anyone for a role in beta.

Q. Whats the goal of closed Beta?
A. We want members in closed beta to engage and interact with the Meeroos as much as possible in an effort to reveal bugs, exploits or disruptions. Your input is invaluable! You will tell us what you loved, what you think could be better. Closed Beta feedback will improve the game for the next phase!

Q. I'm a veteran, how do I join the group?
A. Send a notecard to Catherine Farspire in world and she will add you to the group after verifying your veteran status.

Q. How will I get my Meeroos Beta Package?
A. The oracle will visit our Store and dispense the Beta Packages. She will, however, only respond to those whose names she possesses in her database as Veterans.

Q. Can I talk about the Meeroos, or is there an NDA?
A. We will not be utilizing an NDA for closed beta. While we would appreciate your consideration and understanding as we experience the growing pains every large scale product endures, we aren't going to tell you not to talk about it. It would be nice, however, if you would tell us about your issues and provide us usable feedback before you tell someone else. This is a Beta, which means there may be changes implemented that affect gameplay and experiences!

Q. What can I expect in closed beta?
A. Beta testing is a tough job! Don't expect that it will be unpolished. For testing reason the game will not be in it's launch ready format. We will speed up certain features; You will not see all species or coats. You may experience bugs or play disruptions. Your progress will not be permanent! At the end of Closed beta, your Meeroo, fellowships and all progress achieved will be wiped in preparation for the next phase.

Q. Can I transfer my Closed Beta tag to someone else?
A. No. The Veteran tag is not transferable.

Q. I don't have time to participate. What should I do?
A. Nothing. If you don't have time or will be away during the Closed Beta phase, you don't have to collect your package. It is there for you, however if your plans should change.

Q. Can I get more than one Beta Package?
A. No. Because of the large number of closed beta participants, for us to be able to harvest valuable input from everyone, it is important that all members have only as many as necessary for us to achieve this.

Q. I once had Veteran Status but left the group. can I have it back?
A. No, we have no way of verifying this.

Q. Will veterans be able to participate in Open Beta also?
A. Yes, Open beta is for ALL group members in each of our two official groups.

Q. I am a member of the press and didn't get into closed beta. Can you allow me access?
A. No. We can't make exceptions for anyone during this phase, and it would be inappropriate for us to consider allowing reviews based on the Closed Beta incarnation of the Meeroos. We will however have a very short Press Review phase in the future, prior to release, but like all closed beta Meeroos, they will be wiped at the end.

Q. Can I allow others to see my Closed Beta Meeroo?
A. Absolutely! You don't need to hide them away, feel free to show your friends.

Q. Where can we discuss closed beta with other closed beta participants?
A. If you are a closed beta participant, we're asking you to keep all relevant conversation regarding the closed beta to the "Wonderful World Of Meeroos - Beta" group. Please, as a courtesy, don't distress members of the general "Wonderful world of Meeroos" group with chatter about specific closed beta issues. While issues are not a secret, it's an inappropriate place to address issues or find resolution.

Q. How long will closed beta last?
A. Long enough for us to gather usable information from the beta community. We cannot estimate the duration.

Q. I deserve a special gift and lots of money for helping out in closed beta.
A. Me too, honey. Me too.

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