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Click to enlarge December is a month filled with festivities around the world. And there is nothing like the season to bring out the joy of giving. Meeroos is hosting a Meeroos Community Gift Exchange. We also thought this would be a great way for others to get to know each other in the community. Once you receive your community members name, you can look at their interest tabs, profiles, groups etc. to see what they are interested to help on your gift adventures. Gifts can be made by you or bought. We would like many to be able to partake so we suggest gifts be kept about 50L and below. We know a few of you will be filled with the holiday spirit and want to do more, this is ok, price is only a suggestion. All Gifts sent back out will also include a gift from the Meeroos Staff

How this will work:
By sending in a note card you agree to follow these steps. And want to partake in this event.

1. Put a note card in the mail box at roo sim,
Titled Gift Exchange.

Just drag and drop the NC into the mailbox on Roo sim.

** By Friday. Dec. 16th. 2016 **

2. Cut in paste any of these saying inside:

Peace on Earth
And he, himself...the Grinch...carved the roast-beast

Joy to the world
Happy Holidays … Lets Eat!

I love meeroos Staff

Or of course make your own if you'd like.

3. Wait for us to send you a community members name

4. Once you receive the name we send, shop till you drop.
*Gift Items must be transferable!

*Mail your packages early so the post office can deliver them in time.

5. After finding or making that perfect gift, put the gift IN A OBJECT BOX MADE BY YOU and send to WWOMContest Resident.

**Gift Must be sent back in by DEC 23, 2016.

***BY 12 NOON SLT!!

(If you don’t put the gift in a box you made we will not know who sent it to us, please don’t forget)

*****Gift Items must be transferable!

6.Your gifts will be delivered by Meeroos secret helpers!

Happy Holidays!