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The time has come that we have banned 2 more players from enjoying the Meeroos due to them duplicating food. But this time, we have been able to "ban" the lives and nests as well. The lives will poof if they are still in world but the nests were the other challenge. We have it now that the nest will not coax. We are aware that this did not/will not stop the person from selling the nest. We have a list compiled of all banned roos and nests from this person, ( ) but you are also able to check it yourself on the WWoM website. If you look up the ID#, the status will say BANNED.

If you are out purchasing roos, it's best to have your tree HUD on and check the ID#s. once you do /7 (ID#) then do /7 study. If the ID# is one from a banned person (as of 9/21/15) it will come with this warning in Local chat................WARNING WARNING WARNING!! --- This Meeroo is reported as BANNED --- DO NOT PURCHASE --- Notify WWoM Staff Immediately! -- WARNING WARNING WARNING!!