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WWoM Genetic Trees Update V1.6

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Working with the roo community we have put together a series of changes to the WWoM genetic panels.

* Fixed browse mode.
* Improved mesh panel size/layout.
* Improved panel/tree resize.
* Detect Button, Nests & Lives; auto clean, if nest picked up.
* Entry Meeroo ID text box.
* Rez-Tree/De-Rez buttons.
* Nuke button, clear all rezzed trees by owner.
* Configurable Tree auto derez, for group, personal.
* Configurable public tree rez for 90 seconds.
* Configurable owner only (group version only).
* Configurable Generations to display.

If anyone has more ideas for improvement, please send notecards at roo mailbox with title "WWoM Panels Ideas".

To get new version use "Update" button on panels to have V1.6 sent to you. If you have V1.2 and are unable to update, please submit a ticket, and we will verify and send a replacement to you.