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Birthday Contests!!

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Birthday Party Contests!
The following are the rules and instructions for our Contests:

Oldest live Meeroo:

- the original 4 meeroo parents - Diurnal and Nocturnals are not included in the contest.

- One winner for oldest Diurnal and one winner for oldest Nocturnal.

- Bring the live meeroo to Roo sim on party day.

- You are able to wear the meeroo

- Oldest roo, means age, not ID# of the meeroo

Oldest nest:

- One winner for oldest Diurnal nest and one winner for oldest Nocturnal nest

- nest will be able to be rezzed in a specific area for contest entry.

If you think you have both the oldest live roo and oldest nest feel free to enter both.

**If at all possible, please try to come as early as you can with your live meeroo or your nest.
Masq will be on roo sim as of 11:30am SLT

Good Luck everyone!

*Each entry will be under the final decision of management.