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Another month has almost come and gone. With the end of October comes the end of the Halloween Paint sets and homes. They will be placed away until next year when our meeroos are ready to begin digging up our halloween treasures again.

The soap will not be removed from sale so you will have the option of removing the costume at your leisure.

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A Warm Thank You

The first blog. It seemed to be such a daunting prospect as i looked at the blank page. My mind was filled with thoughts of the shoes I was stepping into, her skill, her mannerisms. My thoughts were on how to write, will they accept me etc.

And as i put pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard i realized that I'm just me. I can't fill anyone else's shoes except my own. A large portion of you all ready know me - geez- i've put many of the older customers into the naughty corner and stolen their coffee and donuts on multiple occasions during my time as a CSR.

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