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You know the drill. I slave all weekend long and then blather on about it here for your enjoyment! (more)

Tackled 2 MAJOR undertakings this weekend.

The first is the box your Meeroos will come in. We wanted this to be really special, so Chim and I worked closely for many hours on this and the results were TOTALLY worth it, if I do say so myself. I think everyone will be so excited when they get to see and interact with it.

The second was a total overhaul to the breeding mechanics. The original version was just proof of concept really. It worked, but was boring and the owners had no real control over the process. Based upon notes culled from many hours of hashing stuff out with the team, I wrote the new version from scratch. I won't reveal too much here in the dev blog, but you'll be able to match up specific meeroo if you want to, but not all meeroo are compatible with others. This might not be quite what people in the breedable space are accustomed to, but one of our design goals is to encourage more interaction between players. So you might have to turn to your friends in your fellowship and breed amongst each other's meeroos in some cases.

Well a third thing, but wasn't really major like the first two, was an update to the nests. It got some polishing and a visual element upgraded to it. Considering how important the nests are to the breeding process, I'd still like to see these made a little more special, but I haven't had the Eureka! moment yet about what's lacking.

Okie.. onto the list of minor items and bugs I squished since last update!

Added a countdown timer to birth process

Couple bugs with how nests displayed in the HUD

HUD, added new name field on status page, had to move several fields accordingly

Made sure nests are dropped within range of home

A mini game item was being dropped after each rebuild instead of based on its timer.

HUD clears hover text but not fields on owner xfter

Security glitch allowed users to interact with meeroo that weren't their own. Big oops!

Meeroo flipping between stumps when they don’t need to

HUD falsely reporting DB error on owner xfer