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International Talk Like A Pirate Day Party!!! 09-19-13

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Arr ya ready for a swashbuckling good time?

Well, mateys do we have some news for ya! Hoist up yer sails, straighten yer eye patches, lock up yer booty and sail on down to ROO on SEPTEMBER 19th 2013 for arr first ever Talk Like A Pirate Day party! We will be havin' a special surprise guest during arr Pirate Trivia, Polly The Pirate! And don't ya be forgettin' to join our Pirate Costume Contest! We'll be expecting ya salty dogs to dust off yer finest pantaloons, polish yer buckles and remember to have yer weekly bath.(whether ye need it or not!) The winner will be going home with a chest full of L$1500 gold coins! Abandon all hope, ye who attends this pirate party!


12pm/1200 SLT
7pm/1900 SLT


Costume Contest:
one will be held at both party times. The prize awarded to each winner is L$1,500.(you can only win once! Please be fair)

Pirate Trivia:
Both parties will have pirate trivia featuring a special surprise, Polly The Pirate! (you can only win once! Please be fair)