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It's RFL Time Again!

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It's RFL time again!

This time we've OVERLOADED with goodies and sights to see! There are two hunts going on (Home & Garden side and then The Breedables Fair side.) Two silent auctions that we have donated OOAK (one of a kind) statues to. And then of course there is The Breedables Hall of Fame. But, we haven't even got around to telling you about where you can find Meeroos yet!

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I suppose you could always start your "journey down the rabbit hole" at the Breedables Fair. :P
Breedables Fair SLurl:

You might just end up at the "end of a tunnel" at our Home & Garden Entertainment spot.
Home & Garden Entertainment SLurl:

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Or, of course you could always be swept off your feet and find yourself there as well should you choose to start your journey at our Home & Garden Expo spot.
Home & Garden Expo SLurl:

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However you choose to make your entrance to the event though, you are sure to have fun! We've got statues and paint sets and plants and oh... is that a special RFL edition plushie I see? :P

Home & Garden Expo and The Breedables Fair:
Starts: Today, May 24th 2013.
Time: Noon SLT
Ends: June 2nd 2013.

Breedables Fair Silent Auction SLurl:
Home & Garden Expo Silent Auction SLurl:
The Breedables Hall of Fame SLurl:
Breedables Hunt Website:
Home & Garden Expo Hunt Website: