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If you missed my talk at the Builder's Brewery, they have posted it up on YouTube! Enjoy


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It's a little short notice, but I'm giving a "Meet the Maker" talk at Builder's Brewery on Weds Oct 3rd at 1PM SLT.

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Few Tweaks

I know I originally said we would leave the delivery system up until the end of the month, but since there are only four players left who haven't gotten their preorders yet, I changed my mind. These things take a lot of script time on our work sim, so I'm going to pull them up early. If you're one of the four who haven't gotten your preorder and you do log back into SL someday, please file a ticket and let us know and we'll get your stuff sent out right away.

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So a year or more ago, I had an idea to let people upload pictures of their roos to the web site by sending a free postcard from Second Life... Unfortunately I only got it about halfway working before I hit a snag. There was a conflict in the libraries used to parse the images out of the emails and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it resolved!

Just a quick post to let you all know this is in place for Sunday night when the top streaks are reset.

Every week, anyone listed in the top streaks will gain 10,000 Vashara or Orlex regard depending on which list. If you happen to be listed in both, you will get both.

Unfortunately, I haven't thought of a way to notify anyone in world that you were a winnger. You'll just silently get the points the next time your HUD updates. Enjoy!!


Today's post comes to you in three parts!

1. The After Party vendors will be discontinued tonight Sept 10th at midnight SLT. After then, there will be no way to obtain the limited items offered in these packs! Also, it's 100L cheaper than the normal family packs.

2. If you haven't heard, we're migrating over to new official groups in world. If you stop by Roo sim, there is a subscribe-o-matic and you can get a free nocturnal statue after joining for your troubles. This offer ends on Sept 14th when we close the old groups out!


It's a day for Brazilian Pride, the 7th of September, as we celebrate their Independence Day!! To commemorate the Holiday, we've made this adorable green and yellow Meeroo, hugging over the star-speckled blue globe, all in the style of the Brazilian Flag!

Let this patriotic Meeroo be part of your Fiesta de 7 de Setembro, and display it year around to show your Pride!


Presente @ Roo - SETE DE SETEMBRO!

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Chapter Two (cont)

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Continued... (More)

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The day has finally come! Whew!! More...

We have just released the Nocturnal Family Starter packs, they are the same sizes and prices as before. They can be found on both the Roo and Nocturnal sims. These family packs all have a "Special Edition" mushroom home found only in these packs.

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Chapter Two

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I must leave my home today. I have lived in other places in the past, but this one really was where I belonged, and now I must leave it. I can still remember when I first came here, although it has been a great deal of time since that happened.


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